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GIN GLIDERS -- YAK -- Speedflying glider on Ama Dablam

3 Lượt xem· 09/22/21
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Stuart Holmes flying Gin Glider's Yak off Ama Dablam, Novemeber 2009.

Here's a short movie of Stuart's climb on Ama Dablam in Nepal and of his flight from the summit using the new GIN GLIDERS YAK 16.5

An ascent of the iconic Nepalese mountain Ama Dablam by Stuart Holmes (ably supported by the very capable Tim Mosedale ( followed by the first ever descent by Speed Glider. The Yak 16.5 made by Gin Gliders weighs only 2.3kg, that's less than 3 kg total weight including harness. This type of wing made take off relatively easy in difficult gusty conditions giving a descent of just 10 minutes, thereby saving a day and a half of down-climbing.

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