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Most pilots are familiar with ridge soaring, but may not have experienced all the nuances offered at some sites. In this video, I present 20 skills, some basic, and some more advanced, to take ridge soaring to the next level.

0:00 - Intro
01:02 - Launch and turn
01:22 - Check your wingtip
02:04 - Clear the turns-Look/lean/break
02:19 - Hug the ridge
02:31 - Descend and Land
03:39 - Know the ridge rules
04:40 - Distance flying
05:35 - Crossing gaps
06:20 - Avoiding blow-backs
07:31 - Bombing out safely
08:31 - Slope side landing
09:02 - Launching in High wind
09:56 - Deciding whether to fly or not
11:16 - Flying mini wings
11:41 - Top landing
12:32 - Combining soaring and thermalling
13:00 - Scratching
13:34 - Beware of the rotors
13:58 - Dune gooning
14:50 - Challenge yourself

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Paragliding in Pokhara

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⁣Touch - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

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Doi Bu - 27/11/2021

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ntoine Montant, winner of Speedflying Pro Les Arcs 2010, was invited by the GIN pilot Francois Bon (2nd of the 2010 event) for a "premiere" in the Alps. The location was kept secret until the last minute...

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GIN introduces the fourth generation of the NANO, the speedriding wing by which all others are compared.

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The Vantage 2 is for intermediate paramotor pilots who want maximum fun and versatility. The wing is well-balanced in pitch yet precise and co-ordinated in the turn. This results in a smooth and enjoyable all-round flying experience.

More info:

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2400km crossing of the Himaylayas by a team of Korean paragliders and mountaineers

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This 52' 3D documentary follows a group of adventurers who discover a new sport: Speedriding.
Speedriders Maxence Cavalade, Jerome Baud, Francois Bon, with friends Fred Fugen, Vince Reffet and Thibaud Duchosal as guests.

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Steepness, speed, deceleration, precision, energy retention, dynamism, solidity... These are the qualities of the Fluid...
Enjoy these few moments of fun with the experienced and expert speedride wing from Gin Gliders...

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In 2005, the GIN Team took a rare break from R&D and competition flying to travel to Peru. The trip took them from Lima city to the beaches of Paracas and the mountains of Cusco. The highlight of the trip was their flight over the Nasca lines, where they overcame local bureaucracy and logistical challenges to become the first paragliding pilots ever to do fly over this treasured site.

Looking back, we remember the sights and sounds but especially the precious time shared with our departed friends, Mathias Roten and Norman Lausch.

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Preview of the forthcoming paragliding competition harness from Gin Gliders.

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Enjoy the view
The Vantage is the new intermediate paramotor wing from GIN, created for pilots looking for good performance and handling with the ease-of-use and security of a classic EN B paragliding wing. In the air, the Vantage is perfectly balanced on the pitch axis and flying is smooth and relaxed. The performance, sink rate and security of the Vantage also make it equally well-suited to flight without a motor.


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